I will make a difference if elected! Letter to Editor Chronicle Tuesday May 8 2018


The county commission hasn’t demonstrated any intention on trying to attract businesses other than service oriented, referencing the so-called medical corridor and the scorched-earth policy of defoliating the area on County Road 491 for a drainage area which was started by a prior commission, but no commissioner who had the opportunity bothered to examine what was going to transpire even though it existed for (Ron) Kitchen and (Scott) Carnahan, per a Chronicle article.

The type of businesses where citizens could make a living wage need to be attracted into the county and without such intentions, Citrus will become another bedroom community (suburb) for Orlando and Tampa. This necessity is inescapable; without such foresight, the dismal reality of those who have and those who have not will continue to worsen, resulting in a smaller tax base, program cuts and higher taxes.

Putting the clamps down on the industrial park in Holder was short-sighted, with no acknowledgement to the potentials that would become available because of its proximity to Marion County, attracting perhaps a biotech lab to complement the potential medical corridor.

All the while, the commission still gives attention to the Citrus port idea; utilizing the barge canal is still talked about after 20 years or more and anybody who has ever gone fishing in the gulf knows that big container ships will never be in the Gulf and this whole concept should have been written off the county commission agenda years ago.

The aim to make Citrus County one huge retirement community fails in the realization that retirees live on a fixed income, and for the most part this limited income scenario does not entice future business growth. Without such growth, the retirees’ extended families will not come nor stay to reside in Citrus County. Their children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren will not find occupations that would enable them to sustain their families here. And should they find positions in Orlando or Tampa and commute, as anyone who has ever done knows, they are going to do their shopping in those other counties where the regional stores have the better deals, and their varying entertainment dollars will also go there.

If we don’t get involved as a people, we get what we deserve: No representation in county government. It doesn’t have to be this way, join me and let’s make a difference!

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There’s a good possibility that Commissioner Kitchen of District 2 will have no opposition in the upcoming election. If Langer and Mc-pheeters manage to get all the petitions signed and makes it to the Primary in Aug that election will determine the winner dependent on whether I get the money to run or get the petitions needed to remain in the running!!

Golden Rule

Had to take my wife to the doctor’s and I have a eye doctor appointment this afternoon we’re in Crystal River right now at her doctor’s office. Time to get the remaining 800 petition signed is now! Hope to be at West Citrus Center all day tomorrow by the way my granddaughter had a baby boy at 11:58 last night so that made his birthday for Charles Bernard Kiernan April 15th 2018 by 2 minutes! Set between the rain yesterday Sunday and awaiting the news on the baby last night did not get much accomplished petition wise hopefully we’ll get some donations on this webpage we have a sign coming in and we’re going to show you in a future video exactly how much the candidates have in their campaign accounts. Because usually those who had the most money will win the ballgame and in that scenario Ron kitchen by far has the most money so you’re probably going to get another 4 years of the man that you admire.

Remember the Golden Rule! Those with all the gold make all the rules…..

Citrus County to Buy Charles A Black water supply system 2 89 Million

In yesterday’s Chronicle, Wednesday April 11, 2018, a small article appeared on page A11 with an innocuous title “County looks to buy water system” but looks can be deceiving! Citrus County Commissioners gave the go ahead to Commissioner Kinnard to offer Withlacoochee Regional Water Supply Authority 2.89 million dollars to buy their Charles A. Black water supply system (water utility company-which the county operates currently). The county is venturing away from the privatization of services that has been the mainstay sold to the public for the last 30 years in order to save money and cut the cost of running the government. The obvious question is this the first step in ridding ourselves of the private corporation that run the jail system, the private corporation that is used for our courthouse records and the private corporation that stores our property records that the Citrus County Property Appraiser office administers. These corporations utilize what is known as keeping information in the clouds, which essentially is keeping your information in a big office somewhere out of Citrus, out of the State, usually located in a regional facility somewhere in the country. If the sale goes through then a bond will be issued for the purchase and it will probably be paid off in 20 years. How exactly is the county going to save money for the taxpayer? But more importantly will this huge investment actually generate any income for the county?

I’m David Gregory and Independent candidate for County Commission District 2 if you would like to assist me or have any questions call my campaign number 352-503-8294.

Thank You and have a good day!



Tuesday April 3 Today’s Itinerary

Citrus County Registered Voters

I am going to be at Wal-Mart in Homosassa early this morning for a little early shopping see me come on over and sign one of my petitions! After breakfast check out Meadowcrest County Office Building (driver licenses, registration, property appraiser office, etc. I’ll be outside the building) in Crystal River FL if you see my white Ford Transit Van you know I am around there somewhere look for me and sign one of my petitions This is to get my name on the ballot! Do you want another choice when November rolls around? Let’s get this done Citrus! If you would like in helping get my petitions signed just contact me and I’ll set up a time and go over what’s needed on the petition, if you don’t get the petition correctly filled out they will trash can it!